All systems are operational

Stickied Incidents

20th March 2023

Libre Space Community Internal server error on Libre Space Community

Due to an unsuccesful software upgrade, the Libre Space Community returns internal server errors on various pages.

  • The upgrade has been applied. All errors have been fixed.

  • The kernel version check has been bypassed and an attempt is in progress to rebuild the Docker image.

  • The upgrade fails due to a requirement of an newer kernel (4.4.0). See upstream project discussion

  • Past Incidents

    27th March 2023

    SatNOGS DB SatNOGS DB has degraded performance

    Latency above threshold: 10.0761 seconds

  • SatNOGS DB is operational

  • SatNOGS DB SatNOGS DB has degraded performance

    Request timed out

  • SatNOGS DB is operational